A fern plant is a pteridophyte
Parents are lower vascular plants dekh contain vascular tissue which is made up of xylem and phloem and helps in conduction of water and nutrients to all parts of the plant body pteridophytes are usually found in damp Shirdi places for in the Gardens and On The Hills where temperature is low the main plant body represents a sporophytic deployed generation and has roots which penetrate the soil to absorb water and Minerals the leaves prawns of sporophyte grow on horizontal underground stem or rice which bears adventitious roots the young leaves and the base of Thrones are covered by dry brown scales ramenta
Die young leaves and leaf plates are characteristically Sirsi lately coiled structures the axis of the leaves is called richest and leaflets on both sides of riches are called the divisions of pinna are known as close on the other hand surface of the leaves develop a spore producing body is called sporangium in groups called so Rai singular saurus which may or may not be covered by multicellular structural called in to CM the Sparrow genus tissue in sporangium undergoes mitosis through produces haploid sports the sports on dispersal germinate into a independent small theory dislike body the game. Called prothallus the prothallus appears in 3D and archegonia with produce male and female gametes respectively the payments fuse and the zygote develops into 8 sporophyte the young embryo absorbs nutrients and water from the capital fight until its roots and leaves are formed the gametophyte then dies gametophyte grows independent of sporophyte and it lives for a short period of time but a new sporophyte is temperature dependent upon a trip game to fight the gamut of Arctic and sporophytic phase is alternate in bryophytes

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