Modes of reproduction


Reproduction in plants
Reproduction is one of the most important characteristics of all living beings it is the production of one’s own kind it is necessary for the continuation of the species on earth and also to replace the dead members of the species by which living organisms reproduce dear office print for the continuity of the space is called reproduction the modes of reproduction vary according to individual species and available condition it maybe simply by division of the parent cell as in unicellular organisms by fragmentation of the parent body by formation of Arts and sports or it may be Berry elaborated involving development of male and female reproductive organs stamens and pistils irrespective of the mode of reproduction all organisms pass on their history material to their offsprings during the process of reproduction modes of reproduction the various modes by which plants reproduce are of three types vegetative Asexual and sexual and vegetative mode of reproduction are produced from a vegetative unit formed by a parent without any fusion of gametes or sex cells a single parent

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