Angiosperms families


A typical flowering plant
Our most familiar plants like mango coconut wheat and rice come under the group called angiosperms their seats are always enclosed in the fruit which is a mature fertilizer ovary the angiosperms are divided into two groups aur classes Mona cotyledons mono cotyledons and dicotyledons angiosperms bear seeds enclosed in the fruits dicot plants have two cotyledons in seeds where monocots have only one cotyledon within the seeds gymnosperms seeds snake as not enclosed in ovary independent plants are sporophytes which wear gowns where is portable update intern give rise to 2258 which in turn bear came its xylem has only track its usual absent angiosperms seeds in fruit image of fertilized ovary independent plants are sporophytes which B.Ed flowers where reproductive sports develop which produce came to fire that internal bear came its xylem has both vessels as well as tracheids
Some families of angiosperms
Angiosperms include the most diverse and by spread members of the kingdom plantae flowers of a large number of characters which are constant and as such these are used for grouping of angiosperms and two different families within each family are included plants which show similarity in organisation of various parts of the flower we sell study only for family 2 of dicots and 2 of the morning quotes have a c p family includes all the pulses malvesi China rose family Lily family poaceae grass family in serials
Fabaceae family papilio Nasi dicotyledonous family
The plants are Herbs and shrubs and really trees flowers are zygomorphic means a flower can be cut into two equal halves only through one radius bi sexual complete calyx consists of five sepals jointed Cola company comprises of five petals polypetalous Paypal University in shape or butterflies there there are there is a large Petal called Standard Two smaller ones called as wings and two interior small ones more or less jointed forming the kill androecium has 10 stamens arrange any two worlds 9 plus one that is diadelphous condition organism is superior monocarpellary unilocular with many overs arranged on a marginal placenta common examples are matar pisum sativum pigeonpea and her cousin green gram fabulous aur Soybean lantern masoor lens culinaris groundnut mungfali hypogaea chickpea chana size
Balveer Sidha plants maybe Herbs shrubs trees Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Chinese Osho flower Vernacular Coral is one of the best example of this family the flowers are large and attractive usually solitary axillary flowers are pentamerous aur was helps members that are five multiples of 5 and actinomorphic means that it can be divided into two equal halves through any radius epicalyx is present as an additional was of bacterial just below the Galaxy galax has five sepals that maybe free or joined at the base for roller has five petals usually free cM consists of indefinite numbers of monotel first stamens lower parts of elements join together to form a tube Jainism consists of 5 Corpus in Corpus and ovary is superior painter lokula habit example Centre fruit is a capsule cotton Bindi and Holly hock are other examples of members of this family
Le liye see a monocot family Delhi family the plants are mostly perennial Herbs name is a rhizome or bulb bulb like leaves maybe Plassey calling arising from the underground stem flowers are sexual actinomorphic mostly trimerous all the world have three units are multiples of 3 and hypo liners paryant is large petaloid Kola like usually sex change into walls of 3 is free or United stamens usually 63 + 3 into was situated opposite to the periods slopes carpels 3 syncarpous ovary superior exemplar sentence placentation fruit usually a capsule
Common examples are ghritkumari oil barbadensis sataavar aur satnali asparagus racemosus to lip to lip to lip kalihari gloriosa superba lilium candidum Onam allium cepa
Family poaceae a monocotyledonous family the plants are Herbs really Woody age in sugarcane inflorescence spike of spikelets for example wheat a small spikelet may contain not more than five flowers flowers are very small in Kaun speakers with scale like structure stamens are three some time six and rice and bamboo tarika Pal syncarpous unilocular ovary superior wearing a single Basil oval fruit is stereopsis seed coat and ovary wall in separately fused some examples of useful plants of poaceae family
Rice oryza sativa wheat triticum aestivum bhej Jiya sugarcane saccharum spontaneum Bareilly

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