Difference between meiosis and mitosis division


Difference between mitosis and meiosis
Cell divides only once
Place in somatic cells as well as in reproductive cells which may be haploid or diploid or polyploid duration of rupees is salt few hours prepare Simple sentences does not occur no exchange of segments during prophase between two non sister chromatids of chromosomes is chromosome consists of two chromatids United by a centromere chromosomes are located at the beginning of Professor in metaphase all the centromeres line up in the same plane the metaphysic plate is made up of duplicated chromosomes centromere division takes place during anaphase spindle fibres disappear completely antelope reappearance of nikolaj at the chromosome number does not change at the end of Mitosis the genetic constitution of chromosomes daughter cells in absolutely identical to that of parents as mitosis is of salter duration it is the basic of growth and repair and reproduction in vegetatively or asexual reproduction in organism
Meiosis division
There are pigeons first division and second meiotic division only and diploid germ cells trophies first is comparatively longer takes many days first is complicated having five stages namely leptotene zygotene pachytene diplotene and tiger synopsis of homeo logos chromosomes takes place during prophase first exchange of segments during crossing over between non sister chromatids of two homeo logos chromosomes takes place is bivalent has four and two centromeres chromosomes appear single although DNA replication has taken place in interphase first in metaphase first the centromeres are lined up in two planes which are parallel to one another the metaphysic plate is made up of paired chromosomes no centromere divisions during anaphase first centromeres divide only during anaphase II spindle fibres do not disappear completely during D Lopez first nichlaul I do not appear interlopers first there is reduction in the chromosome number from deployed to upload the genetic constitution of chromosomes in daughter cells is different as compared to the parents was the daughter cell chromosomes contain a mixture of maternal and paternal jeans
Music is of longer duration it is basis of maintaining some chromosome number in different generations of a species reproductive sexually as well as for providing genetic variation in the progeny
What is karyotype
Chromosomes can be seen distinctly only at metaphase they are then photograph cut and arranged in pairs according to size such an arrangement of chromosomes of an individual in descending order according to size is termed at karyotype

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